Multi-talented pianist/vocalist Sarah Silverman grew up surrounded by music.  Born into a gifted musical family, early inspiration was drawn from her mother, who performed as a classical violinist in Toronto, and her father, who toured as a drummer with jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie.

From a young age Sarah exhibited talent in the arts - theatre and dance, in addition to music, played a large role in shaping her as an artist.  She honed her talents at the Glenn Gould School of Music on scholarship under the tutelage of the school’s Dean James Anagnoson, earning her Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Piano Performance before relocating to New York to complete her Master of Music degree at the Manhattan School of Music with Daniel Epstein.

While in New York, Silverman widened her musical scope by adding jazz to her repertoire.  She auditioned for and was accepted to a vocal jazz class taught by Peter Eldridge and acclaimed singer Luciana Souza.  Silverman credits Souza with inspiring and encouraging her to explore her love of vocal jazz, and introducing her to vocalist Jeanie Lovetri and pianist Bruce Barth, with whom she has performed in various clubs.

In 2010 Sarah made her Broadway debut as a pianist for the Tony Award winning show IN THE HEIGHTS, and went on to become a pianist for Disney's MARY POPPINS until its closing in March 2013, after which Silverman moved to Los Angeles.

Although currently performing primarily as a jazz vocalist, Silverman recently created LYRIC PIECES, a collection of music by Edvard Grieg with lyrics and vocalese by Silverman, an innovative project that brings together the diverse aspects of her musical persona.  A selection from this project can be heard on Silverman’s far-ranging debut album, SARAH.  The various selections on SARAH highlight a performer drawn to different musical styles, improvisation and the spirit of distinctive collaboration.  Luciana Souza said of Silverman, "Sarah is a beautiful and curious singer and musician... I am very excited to see where she is going with her music and her abundant talent", and reviewer Mark Tucker at Acoustic said, "...this Sarah Silverman is as talented and often as unorthodox as her TV-world namesake (comedian Sarah Silverman). The very first song, a waaaay different version of Nature Boy, written by Eden Ahbez, is not just a CD track but a piece of Art as well".

At home on both the concert stage as well as in more intimate settings, Silverman has performed in her native Toronto, in New York and most recently performed the LYRIC PIECES in its entirety at the Pico Playhouse in Los Angeles.  Her work can be found on iTunes, and she is currently working on her next album.