Copyright Your Music To Prevent The Plagiarism

Many people are left high and dry in frustration when their music is plagiarized. These days or even months of hard work go down the drain only because they had not been wise enough to take the precautions. The best thing to save yourself from disappointment and frustration is to get your music protected. To protect your music you will have to acquire a copyright act. The copyright act helps protect music from being plagiarized to give you peace of mind.

Your Music Needs To Be Protected

As said above copyright is necessary to protect your music or song from stealing. The copyright act is observed by the government agencies and they have devised many penalties for those who pass this law. Any person who wishes to keep his work safe from being stolen may contact the copyright authorities and acquire the certificate. If in case any person is found guilty and failed to comply with the copyrights act he or she is liable to get penalized and answerable to the court. These strict laws have helped protect many musicians and composers to lay the claims over their masterpieces. If anyone wishes to use their creation they are bound to take the permission of the person or else bear severe consequences.

Requirements For The Copyright Act

You are required to follow a simple procedure. Copyright procedure is not a daunting task. All you need is a couple of forms and a fee of $45 into the envelope and sent to the US Copyright Authority. It is as simple as ABC.

Acquire the Copyright Forms

  1. Many bands and songs writers combine their efforts to produce remarkable work. They record their albums and make a copy of them. This copy is sent to the copyright authorities who approve it. After this process, the song and the sound recording are also copyrighted. You can use the SR or Sound Recording Form for this reason.
  2. The songwriter who is not concerned with the sound recording may obtain a PA form. PA Form is filled to secure only the lyrics by the writer from being plagiarized.
  3. Continuation Form is necessary to obtain along with the other forms for sound and recording copyrights Acts. The abbreviation for the Continuation is CON.

Register For Your Peace Of Mind

Registering your music is carried out by putting in the required information in the SR and PA or CON forms.

This whole procedure needs not to take more than a few days. You only need to acquire the right forms and fill them up. Record your number and push it along with the forms into the envelope and send it to the following address:

Library of Congress Copyright Office 101 Independence Avenue, SE Washington DC 20559-6000 Make sure you have sent everything required for the registration of your music including the check for $45. This little effort on your part will help you to have maximum protection and peace of mind. It is much better to adopt preventive measures rather than crying over split milk.