Reviews for 'SARAH'

"Canadian cabaret vocalist/pianist Sarah Silverman [no, not that Sarah Silverman] teams with pianist Bruce Barth to produce an unadorned album of rare intimacy and deep emotion. Silverman’s voice, a delicate, imaginative, nuanced, expressive instrument, entwines with Barth’s intuitive keyboard work. READ MORE - Paul Freeman

"Her storytelling is wonderful here; she lets the songs speak, trusting the lyrics. It's a cabaret performance; listening, you picture her in a small intimate club, leaning against the piano, calmly working the audience with her vocal magic. READ MORE  - Michael Scott Cain,

"...this Sarah Silverman is as talented and often as unorthodox as her TV-world namesake. The very first song, a waaaay different version of Nature Boy, written by Eden Ahbez but made famous by George Benson, is not just a CD track but a piece of Art as well." READ MORE - Mark S. Tucker,