Sarah Silverman is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music (MMus), the Glenn Gould School of Music (BMus), and is certified in somatic voice work through the Lovetri Institute.  She  is an innovative music educator drawing on her experience as both a classical pianist and a jazz vocalist in order to encourage deep listening, curiosity and freedom in her students. 

Sarah has led workshops with the Lincoln Center Institute, traveled as an examiner with the Royal Conservatory of Music, served on faculty at the Diller Quaile School of Music and the Third Street Music Settlement in New York, and maintained a thriving private studio both in New York and Los Angeles.

Currently, Sarah teaches out of her home studio in Laurel Canyon.  She offers private piano and voice lessons for adults and children of all levels.  Sarah is also available for workshops and concerts in schools and conservatories.  Her most recent school concert presented the music of Bach and Grieg to a room of 500 students grades K-5.  Sarah wrote lyrics to a Bach melody and had the entire room singing entrances to a complicated fugue!

Sarah leads a singing circle for children ages 4-10 every Thursday afternoon in Laurel Canyon.  Singing circles can travel to schools, homes and offices, and can be crafted for older kids, teenagers and adults.



Sarah began leading singing circles in 2016 at the Wonderland Public School in Los Angeles, CA.  She spent a year developing repertoire and exploring musical concepts with the voices of 28 kindergarten students, and then moved the circles to her living room in Laurel Canyon.  Sarah's circles incorporate traditional folk songs in multiple languages, poems, movement, improvisation, rounds, and layered sounds.  Children gather in circle using their voices for singing and their bodies for rhythm and movement.  In addition, Sarah is working with educators at the Wonderland Public School to write a new curriculum for social-emotional learning called "Peaceful Coyotes".  This curriculum is presented monthly and highlights actions, inspirational thoughts, literature, art and music based on social-emotional learning themes.  August was the month of RESPECT and September is the month of INNER PEACE. Each week Sarah brings these themes into circle through poems, music, breath exercises, mediation and art.